A removal service available across Europe

Are you planning to move soon? Our professional, meticulous and qualified team takes care of your entire removal so that you can change home with total peace of mind. We are available for any type of removal service in Belgium and the rest of Europe.

A comprehensive service that covers everything

Whether for a domestic or international removal, GMFC offers you comprehensive services. Our expert movers are by your sides through all the steps so that your move goes very smoothly. This will avoid the dangers of property being left behind or damaged.

With its 10 years of experience serving expatriates, GMFC guarantees you a comprehensive, high-quality service: wrapping your items, cleaning and small repairs for the inspection, goods transport… Please contact us for additional information about our services. Moving home holds no secrets for us, whether you’re a business or private individual.

✓ A trusted company
✓ A high-end service
✓ Guaranteed peace of mind

Lift rental

When moving home, you may encounter problems with bulky or fragile furniture that you can’t get into the lift or down the stairs. If this is you, have no fear, we offer a lift service.

The furniture lift is a lifting mechanism specially designed to facilitate removals of furniture and white goods. It is mainly intended to load and unload lorries, vans or any other means of transport.

For a full removal or as a separate service, GMFC has a furniture lift to move your furniture safely and easily.


Contact GMFC for your removal in Europe

Are you moving soon and looking for the services of a professional company? GMFC is here to help and will take care of your move from start to finish, anywhere in Europe.

Do you have any questions about our services? Would you like a detailed quote tailored to your situation? Call us on +32 477 790 524 or write to us via the contact form. We’ll provide you with a fast and personalised response.