Our speciality: full restoration before the inspection for expatriates in Brussels, Wallonia and Flanders

Are you an expatriate who’s about to leave Belgium? You must need help to clean and restore your rental house or apartment: call GMFC! We take care of everything, and guarantee that you will get your deposit back, no matter your situation and location.


Comprehensive management from start to finish for an easy move and hassle-free return home

We listen carefully to your request

The first stage of our work consists in gathering all the information about your situation. Each expatriate is subject to different constraints, which is why GMFC adapts to all of them. To do so, we pay close attention from start to finish, in order to guarantee you the best service possible. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our priority.

Response from our qualified and dynamic team

Once we have all the information, our qualified operatives and technicians come to your home to carry out all the work necessary for the interior and exterior of the accommodation to be fully restored:

  • cleaning the entire accommodation: floors, walls, ceilings, windows, etc;
  • repairs and touch-ups: smoothing imperfections on walls, painting, etc;
  • maintenance of exteriors.

Everything is done to ensure your rental property is in perfect condition before the expert comes for the inspection, whether the house or apartment is furnished or not.

Presence of a GMFC member during the inspection

This stage is often stressful because the expert in charge of the inspection has exacting requirements in terms of cleanliness and finishes. To guarantee you continuous follow-up and avoid any complications, a member of the team will be present during the inspection. They can answer the expert’s questions and immediately remedy any imperfections identified by them by calling a competent agent or technician to solve the problem.

Getting your deposit back

As we are present, conscientious and responsive for the duration of your move, we guarantee that you will get your deposit back at the end of your lease. GMFC is at your service as an expatriate to give you the peace of mind you need when you are leaving.

Our clients
in Brussels, Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant

Contact us for a rapid response before you move

Are you an expatriate? Do you want to use our comprehensive and professional service for your return home? No matter where you’re based in Belgium, we’re open to any request 7 days a week, and answer all your questions by phone on +32 477 790 524. Do you want to obtain a detailed, personalised quote? Send us a request via our contact form. We will answer you within 24 hours.