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Do you live in Brussels, Flemish Brabant or Walloon Brabant as an expatriate or as a Belgian citizen? Are you about to move? GMFC is a company specialising in cleaning that quickly and effectively carries out all the maintenance tasks and other small touch-up jobs before the end of your lease. With over 10 years of experience in the field, we have acquired the skills to guarantee a comprehensive, high-quality service wherever you live in Belgium.
You’ll benefit from our motivated team’s know-how and speed. They will make every effort to ensure you get your deposit back. Our services are mainly aimed at expatriates who want to ensure the inspection goes smoothly and return home with peace of mind. However, we can also offer services to Belgian citizens who are moving to a new destination.

Our services to expatriates

Be sure to get your deposit back

As an expatriate, the inspection and return of your deposit can be two stressful and complex steps to organise.  GMFC’s maintenance professionals are at your service to carry out deep cleaning and all the small jobs to make the interior of the home as good as new before the expert comes to inspect it. Floor and ceiling cleaning, painting, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, minor masonry, etc. No matter the tasks to be done, GMFC will complete them flawlessly to give you total peace of mind when you return home.

Since we want to guarantee that you will get your deposit back under all circumstances, a member of our team will be there during the inspection. They will answer questions and put in place a solution for any potential defects that the expert identifies during the inspection. In this way, by choosing our services for the end of your lease and your return home, you’re opting for a high-end service that guarantees  your move will run smoothly, quickly and serenely, thanks to our comprehensive management.


A “Cleaning & Removal” pack

Take advantage of our comprehensive service — our teams will take care of everything! They’ll move your furniture and belongings in Belgium or anywhere in Europe, then clean in preparation for your home’s inspection. A lift service is available for flat moves or more complex situations.

Removal with or without lift
+ furniture dismantling service
Quality cleaning prior to inspection
and services provided by multi-skilled
A hassle-free move
+ furniture reassembly service

Related services for expats located in Brussels, Flanders or Wallonia

At GMFC, our versatility and experience in the cleaning field are indisputable assets. We’re able to carry out a range of related services to improve the quality of expatriates’ stays in Belgium, whether in furnished or unfurnished houses or apartments:

  • Daily cleaning of your interior: surfaces, glass, linen, etc.
  • Maintenance of outdoor spaces: gardening, lawn mowing, terrace cleaning, etc.
  • Handyman service: electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, small repairs and finishes.
  • Home help service: ironing, errands and cooking.
  • Renovation work: painting, floor covering, insulation, ceiling work, tiling, etc.
  • Curtain and linen cleaning service for furnished apartments

Why choose us for cleaning and work at the end of your lease?

Using GMFC Cleaning & Facility Services means ensuring your move and return home go off without a hitch:

Our clients

Thanks to the quality of our services and the comprehensive support we offer, our company collaborates with many well-known companies:


Our services for private individuals and businesses
in Brussels, Walloon Brabant and Flemish Brabant

Although we specialise in services to expatriates, we can also provide all our services for Belgian citizens. In this way, we clean and restore your apartment or house before you move so that you can get your deposit back. Our various maintenance services are at your disposal: daily cleaning of buildings and their exteriors, household tasks and small renovation jobs by a handyman.

Contact us now to benefit from a first-class service carried out with the greatest care, wherever you live: Brussels and its suburbs, Wallonia (Waterloo, Lasne, etc.) or Flanders (Leuven, Antwerp, etc.).


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Are you interested in our services for your move? Do you need comprehensive support to ensure your return home is hassle-free? GMFC provides high-end services. Whether you’re based in Brussels, Tervuren, Ghent or Leuven, we’re active throughout Belgium. Contact us by phone on +32 477 790 524 or via the form here. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours, and provide you with a quote tailored to your situation.