GMFC was born in 2012 with one mission in mind: helping expats get their deposit back.

Expats face a very stressful and challenging time whenever they leave Belgium. They not only have to take care of the bureaucracy and the packing while still giving their best at work, but they also need to leave the apartment in perfect conditions!

The apartment will be examined in every nook and cranny by a professional inspector during the exit survey.

That’s where GMFC comes into play to rescue expats from the stress of the exit survey and the possibility to lose their deposit.

GMFC provides not only high standard end-of-tenancy cleaning, but also a variety of needed services in case something needs to be repaired or replaced entirely.

Due to the highly professional flexibility of GMFC, every expat can be sure to get her deposit back!

Our strength at your service

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We will be present during the exit survey in case small maintenance is needed. Nothing is left to chance! We guarantee an inspector proof end-of-tenancy exit survey

You will get your deposit back. That’s a guarantee!