What I Learned About Remote Teamwork Thanks To Alessandro Montalto and Relocation Agencies

I have always struggled to work remotely since my job implies making an assessment of a house as a first step. I tried making the assessment via Zoom when the corona crisis first hit, but it wasn’t the same as making it in person. It was really impossible to establish the conditions of the house and see what was needed to make a perfect end-of-tenancy cleaning. And I expect from myself and my team nothing less the perfection when it comes to helping expats. Furthermore, I could’t inspire trust in my clients because I was unsure about how to repair a damage since I couldn’t have the correct feeling of it.

Now that remote work is more a tangible reality for a lot of people, I found myself reflecting on the relationship that GMFC has with relocation agencies. Relocation agencies do a tremendous job in taking care of the bureaucracy and the logistics of the moving of expats, while I take care of the cleaning and repairing. We are partners who respects each other and after years of taking care of people’s needs together, we are like a well-oiled machine.

I was thinking about remote work and how it changed our lives. One of GMFC’s partners is Alessandro Montalto. He is a remote work coach at the core and thanks to the several skills in his quiver, he has taken on his shoulders the marketing section of GMFC. Alessandro works 100% remotely and I observed that since GFMC was born the relationship I have with the relocation agencies is remote. I exchange some emails with them and I seldom cross their path. I never really thought about the fact that basically all the interactions I have with the relocation agents is remote.

I was convinced that working remotely would create a detached environment and when Alessandro wisely redirected all my efforts to work in person towards working remotely, I understood the power and the benefits of having a flexible work place. Before, I would drive one hour to meet Alessandro in person to talk about topics that can be tackled via Zoom without any problems. The awesome thing is that I feel very connected to Alessandro. I feel like we are a great team.

This shift in perspective made me think that I feel really connected to the relocation agents too. It was so simple and in front of my eyes that I couldn’t see it. Only after my work with Alessandro, I could finally realize why I feel so connected to people whom I rarely meet in person: we are pursuing the same mission. Relocation agencies and I want the same thing: make the moving of an expat as less stressful as possible. We are on the same page when it comes to values such as punctuality, efficiency, friendliness, passion, excellence and honest dialogue. I am so grateful to all the relocation agencies I work with (Cartus, Sirva, Santa Fe, Gosselin Mobility, Ziegler, RKS, Putters Internationals, Fisher, Bright Expats, Art Of Living, Brussels Relocation, Altair Global, The Map Group) for the constant inputs and feedback that help me improve my service for expats so much.

And that’s the lesson that I learned: it doesn’t matter whether human connections are established remotely or in person because in order to really click, a team needs to work on the same mission and be united by the same values and vision. Even from an email or a Zoom call, I can see how much my team and relocation agents care about expats and that’s what moves me and pushes me to always give my very best!



Cover Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

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