The Strength Of Our Team To Ensure Expats A Stress-Free End-Of-Tenancy Inspection

GMFC’s goal is to always establish a great teamwork with expats to make their end-of-tenancy inspection as smooth, stress-free and fine-free as possible.

I want expats to have an amazing memory of their stay in Belgium. I see so many of them facing the last step of their departure with a smile on their face and a sense of relief. They are satisfied by the GMFC’s end-of-tenancy cleaning and they can happily get their deposit back. This mix of satisfaction and stress-free process they went through gives them a closure with Belgium. The closure that is needed to leave a chapter behind and be open to a new one.

That’s what I am most proud of: giving expats the opportunity to have a fulfilling closure so that they can start their new life somewhere else without worries. I recently read a post by Alessandro Montalto about the importance of grieving in this time of abrupt change. It made me think that expats too go through a grieving process whenever they leave a life behind.

The article shed light on what I accomplish with GMFC and the value I create for other people. It made me realize that my mission is even more important than I thought. I then started thinking about how I am fulfilling my mission and I found in our teamwork the best resource to create an enormous value for expats.

Why is the teamwork so important?

My resolution for 2021 is crystal clear in my mind: boosting the teamwork between the GMFC teams and between GMFC and expats. Why? Because only by working together with an open mind we can humbly learn from each other and establish a great communication that will allow us to be very clear about what to expect from each other. We can healthily set boundaries and express our needs. Expats ask me to make exceptions and they take my advice into account so many times. They recognize me as an expert in my field and when I take their needs into account, they feel supported and reassured that, in the end, by just relaxing and letting GMFC take care of their house they will get what I promise: they will get their deposit back and, after some thoughts, their healthy closure with Belgium.

GMFC policy about teamwork

At GMFC, we believe in the power of a teamwork that is strengthened by a great communication strategy. Thus, as a cleaning team, we recognize and take into account the expertise of each member in order to provide a top-notch end-of-tenancy cleaning. With respect to our clients, the expats who are leaving Belgium, we call all of them within 48 hours from the moment they reach out to us. Furthermore, I am very clear about the responsibilities we have towards each other to make our collaboration work flawlessly.

This approach sets the expectations in an open-minded fashion. Once the expat agrees to fulfil his part by providing enough information about his house, setting the cleaning day when the movers are already out and making sure that there is someone to open the door the day the cleaning is scheduled, we deliver what we promise.

We could never be able to do our magic without the expats being willing to be in our team.

GMFC as the expat resource for starting a new life

So, in the end, GMFC is one of the biggest resources expats have to start a new life after they definitely and happily close the Belgian chapter. To make the process as smooth and as stress-free as possible, I count on the power of a great teamwork within the GMFC team members and with expats themselves to provide what we promise: a professional end-of-tenancy cleaning that will let expats get their deposit back.

If you also need to go through an end-of-tenancy cleaning, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will be happy to welcome you in my team.

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