The Regenerative Power Of Working With Younger Teammates

I have a confession to make: sometimes I feel like I want to quit everything, retire from GMFC and go live in the south of Italy where my Italian roots are. But then I feel guilty because I know that there are so many expats here in Belgium who need my services, now more than ever.

Until a few weeks ago, I honestly didn’t know where to find more energy to keep going. Tiptoeing between more clients, more picky inspectors, healthy measurement and a rigid weather was taking its toll on me. I have always thought that a vacation would be the best option to charge my batteries, but it never actually worked.

Whenever I go on holidays, I feel like a digital nomad because I never really switch my mind and my phone off. I keep being available for any business related matter that happens in Belgium. And after so many years, even though I am passionate about my job, I feel like I am at the end of the rope.

Until the day I made one of the best choices of my life. I decided to give trust to two young boys, Theo and Lorenzo, 21 and 19 respectively. I suspected that they could do very good to the GMFC’s team because of the diversity they bring. They belong to a different generation, they think differently.

What I didn’t expect was the power of that diversity. I already tapped into that power when I started working with Alessandro Montalto. I got a lot of guidance from him about my way to establish healthy and efficient relationships with my clients and partners. I got to understand how I can optimize my work and which steps I can take to further increase the added value that I want to bring into expats’ life. It’s an amazing collaboration and I am so grateful to have him by my side. It has been a process of discovery and adjusting to each other, but now our relationship and partnership goes as smooth as velvet.

Something completely different happened with Theo and Lorenzo. While Alessandro is more of a craftsman who hones his skills and makes every move with the wisdom that life offered to him, Theo and Lorenzo are a blooming field of energy. They are enthusiast, energetic, full of initiative. It’s so reinvigorating to work with them, but not because they work like machines, but because they bring a lightness and a fresh mindset that reflects the pure essence of GMFC. I am so grateful to myself for having trusted them and to them for accepting to work for GMFC.

Of course, sometimes the enthusiasm of Theo and Lorenzo can be overwhelming. That’s why I also gave trust to Francesca, who is in charge of coaching them on the cleaning site with respect to channeling their enthusiasm and energy. Not at all by coercive methods, but by leading by example.

Photo of me to the left, Francesca in the middle and Theo to the right.

I now feel much more in touch with the true mission of GMFC. Thanks to the amazing people who joined my mission, I can now switch my mind and phone off a bit more often and with less sense of guilt. I am also very grateful to myself for making such a bold move as to hire Theo and Lorenzo who didn’t have any previous experience in end-of-tenancy cleaning.

I trusted my gut feeling and I got rewarded. Thanks a lot guys for the amazing job you are doing on a daily basis!

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