Thanks Expats! Joy And Sadness As Two Sides Of The Same Coin

I really love my job, I truly do! But sometimes, when I think about all the expats who trusted me and GMFC for the end-of-tenancy cleaning and who are now living in another country I become very sad.

I know that I make a real difference in an expat life. I am with her every step of the way, since the first time she reaches out to me, to the day of the final inspection. I make sure that she goes through her moving abroad without any hiccups. This process, that is slightly different for each expat, is what makes me very happy. I can feel how I relieve the stress of moving from the expats shoulders. I take care of their houses, adjusting, painting, waxing, cleaning, while they can be focused on moving on with their lives.

And that’s where sadness washes over me. After three months on average during which I build a rapport with them that goes beyond the company-client relationship, they leave and a part of me dies. I laugh with them, brainstorm with them, listen to their stories and, in the end, I won’t see them again.

It hurts me even now, after more than 15 years of activity with the GMFC. It hurts to say goodbye and I realize that even this pain makes me feel closer to them. I mourn every expat who leaves Belgium as I am sure that they mourn their Belgian life.

I love helping them. I love seeing them satisfied with the closure they have before taking off. In the end, I am grateful even for the grieving I go through at the end of each final inspection because I know that this pain will make me stronger, more compassionate and open to help even more expats.

It’s a pain from which I learn that life is a constant change and evolution. Over the years, I learnt how to let go, becoming a more patient, professional and committed person.

I thank all the expats who crossed my path, grateful to have had them in my life and joyful for the great learning opportunity they gave and still give me.

Dear expats, if I am a better person is also because of you!



Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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