Why You Should Trust GMFC

The same reasons that made GMFC leader in the end-of-tenancy cleaning.

I am not a perfectionist, but I love pouring my heart and soul into my job. I love helping expats, companies and relocation agencies create the smoothest moving ever. I want the best for every single of my clients. And I must admit that it frustrates me knowing that an expat is at risk of not receiving the best service, making him stressed, worried, anxious with that bitter after taste when he leaves Belgium.


I am fine with not working for every expats in Belgium. I can’t be perfect and I can’t click with everybody. What I am not fine with is with myself. I see that when a client doesn’t choose GMFC is because he doesn’t have a clear idea of the perks of working with me and my team.

But I want to fix that. That’s why I am going to tell you the 4 reasons why every expat should trust GMFC.

#1 Investing on people before products and material

That’s the point I am most proud of! It’s true that we only invest in the best products and materials, but I decided to give GMFC a completely new mentality. Thanks to the job with Alessandro Montalto, I now fully understand how important it is to create a close-knit team. I worked on my values and mission and I hire people with the same passion to create value for other human beings.

I invest in young, passionate people and I have never felt more fulfilled in my life, as I describe in detail in this post. My youngest teammates get coached on the work floor. They get to know the clients and learn how to deal with a person who needs us to do our very best. A person who is counting on us!

#2 Highly versatile and flexible service

And when that person or company decides to work with us, then we are completely committed to providing a fast, efficient, fully transparent, top-notch end-of-tenancy cleaning and all the other needed services for a stress-free moving.

We are clear, but flexible. We have a full package of services that are complementary to the end-of-tenancy cleaning, ranging from the handyman, to painting, renovating, cleaning the gutters, waxing and oiling wooden floors and many more. You can find the full list of services here.

The point is that as a client you can always count on us being with you each step of the way. We are never going to ignore your questions or your calls. We are here to help you and that’s what we do, happy to accomplish our mission.

#3 Exit survey – we put our expertise at your service when it counts the most

But we are the only ones to go the extra mile. GMFC is the only end-of-tenancy cleaning company to be present at the exit survey. We are not there to brag about our job. We are not there to feed our ego when the exit survey goes well.

We are there to help you when you need it the most. The inspector is inflexible and if he complains about something, we are there to fix it immediately, before he even has the chance to finish his complaint.

That’s our strongest point that spark so much trust in GMFC and makes us the leaders in the end-of-tenancy cleaning in Belgium!

#4 Free support and consultancy for expats

My mission wouldn’t be fully accomplished if I didn’t think about all the expats out there who will go through an end-of-tenancy inspection and who feel lost about it. I provide free support and consultancy, putting my 20+ year experience in managing houses at their service.

If you also need to deal with an inspector at the end of your tenancy, I will provide you insights on how to manage your house, clean it and maintain it according to your lifestyle. Reach out to me and I will reply to you within 48 hours.

In the end, I feel fulfilled by constantly fueling GMFC with enthusiasm and new challenges. While I would feel exhausted only one year ago, I now know that I am only one leg of the table. The whole company couldn’t be the same without the rest of the team. Together, we inspire trust and we are committed to never betraying it.


Photo by João Jesus from Pexels