How Expats Can Save Money and Time At The End-Of-Tenancy Inspection

The end-of-tenancy inspection is a very stressful step when moving abroad. As an expats, you need to be fully aware of how hard the final inspection can be. The consequence of overlooking it can be very expensive, costing you the deposit you gave the landlord when you signed the tenancy contract. We are talking about a two to three month rent.

What’s the end-of-tenancy inspection?

It’s a check out survey during which an inspector comes to your place and checks everything. When I say everything, I mean literally every nook and cranny in the house, expecting to find a perfect level of cleanliness and an undamaged structure. Inspectors are inflexible, strict and severe. They won’t overlook anything.

How can you get prepared for it, saving money and time?

The only way you can get prepared is to be aware of the current condition of your house and foresee where the problems can arise. I know it’s difficult and I also know that you probably don’t have the time and the expertise to check your house as an inspector would do. That’s where my promotion for you comes into play: I can come to your place and tell you exactly what you need to do to restore your house and be prepared for the end-of-tenancy inspection. I will recommend what products to use, what diy solutions to adopt and where to look for problems to you so that you can always be one step ahead of the inspector and be sure that you will get your deposit back.

The advantages are manifold.

  • You will be able to perfectly maintain your house way before the stress of moving kicks in.
  • You will save a lot of money at the end-of-tenancy cleaning because of the excellent maintenance you did over the months before the final inspection.
  • You will take advantage of my 15+ years of professional experience with inspector, expats and their end-of-tenancy cleaning and inspection. I am an expert in maintaining the whole house, from cleaning to all the handyman jobs that are required to leave the house in perfect condition and get the deposit back.

You met an expats who might benefit from my promotion, what can you do?

You can definitely tell whoever expat you meet to get in touch with me via LinkedIn, WhatsApp (+32 477 790 524) or email ( and I will be happy to help! The sooner they let their house checked the less stressful their moving abroad will be!

Spread the word among your expats friends, mention them the promotion and show them the flyer below.

The community of expats needs help to lower the stress level that moving abroad inherently brings. You can help the community too by simply sharing this post with them. Let’s help family and friends in need together!







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