Article 1: Payment
Our invoices are payable upon delivery. By right and without the requirement for any formal notice, failure to pay by the due date shall incur interest of 1% per month, starting from the invoice date. In such cases, by right and without the requirement for any formal notice, a minimum of €50 shall also be added the invoice amount as lump-sum compensation for any extra-legal collection expenses. All claims must be made in writing within 8 days of receipt of the invoice.
Failure to pay an invoice by its deadline shall authorise us, by right and without the requirement for any formal notice, to immediately terminate our services, without notice, and without prejudice to any damages we may claim.

Article 2: Oversight of the services and compliance with Internal Rules
1. Our ‘Performance’ Department mangers shall be responsible for overseeing and controlling the quality of the services provided by GMFC staff.
2. They will ensure the proper performance by the workers of Belux Cleaning and shall ensure compliance with the internal rules in force at the work site.

Article 3: Liability and Guarantee
GMFC must provide proof of insurance by an insurance company against any damages for which it is civilly liable in relation to the work carried out by its staff, specifying the coverage amounts. However, we decline all liability for breakage or damage stemming from the poor condition of buildings, furniture, or equipment, and for scratches to window panes or mirrors.

Article 4: Prohibition Clause
For the entire contract term, the customer shall agree not to employ, in any form whatsoever, any GMFC employees or anyone who has left the company within the past 6 months, except by approval from GMFC.

Article 5: Special Terms and Conditions
The clauses in these general terms and conditions may be subject to special clauses.

Article 6: Assignment of Jurisdiction
For any disputes, the courts of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction, even in the event of multiple applicants or for warranty proceedings.