Experiencing stress of moving? Here is what you can do to overcome it

Let’s face it, moving abroad is one of the most stressful experiences you can have in your life. Starting a life from scratch means building, above all, a new social network in a foreign country. Apart from the tedious logistics and bureaucracy, you need to adapt to new dynamics and culture. Basically, you are going to rebuild a new image of yourself in a completely new country. And even if you think that going back to your own country of origin is a piece of cake, well, be careful because you will still experience an adjustment period to dynamics that aren’t completely yours any more.

Why are you so stressed?

If you think that the answer to this question is obvious, let me tease you just a bit by suggesting a new angle from which you can look at moving abroad. You are totally right when you start reading the apparently infinite to-do list that seems to be written by an invisible fairy. The more checks you scratch on your note, the more things to do pop up.

I know, a lot of stress derives from that list, but more often than not, a huge amount of stress derives from thinking about yourself living in the new city, enjoying a nice walk and, suddenly, nasty thoughts fill your mind. Thoughts about how tough it will be to adapt, how lonely you will feel and how hard it will be to tell your friends that you will keep in touch while knowing how different your relationship will become once you’ll leave.

That’s where the stress comes from, the combination between the scary unknown, the excitement of the new and the perspective of building your life from scratch.

What can you do to ease the stress?

First of all, try not to fight against the unpleasant scenarios that your mind is throwing at you because you can’t win against your own mind. Then, trust yourself. You made a choice and I am sure that you had very good reasons to move somewhere else. So, keep going through the to-do list without giving too much attention to the shouting thoughts in your mind that are sounding the alarm for every single detail that you are going to change in your life. You will adapt and much sooner than what your mind tells you.

Most importantly, ask for help. Ask friends and family to help you packing and don’t forget to enjoy a nice meal or beverage with them, have a laughter and take things easy. Talk about the change you are going to face and ask for professional support if you feel very stressed and stuck. In our hyperconnected world, we can meet people who went through our same experience in few clicks. So, don’t miss the opportunity to know about the best moves to make to start living in the new country with the right foot. Check some forums, ask companies like plannr to support you if possible. You aren’t alone!

End-of-tenancy inspection ahead? Fear not!

One of the most stressful factors before leaving a country is to pass the final inspection. The house needs to be in perfect conditions if you want to get your deposit back. When you entered the house, you wanted to arrange it according to your taste. Frankly speaking, I totally understand that you wanted to turn your house into your nest. That’s totally fine. So you started hanging your amazing pictures on the wall, attach some pieces of furniture, maybe your last macrame creation.

Whatever you do, the customization of a house implies possible damages. Not to mention the fact that the house can hide some nasty surprises from time to time. Unexpectedly, something breaks and it’s your responsibility to repair it. The more amazing the house is, the more upsetting it is to observe that you need to be an experienced handyman to take care of it. The level of frustration spikes when you don’t have enough time, experience, energy and tools to diy some apparently simple things like fixing a door, a wooden floor, a socket wall, a window or some stains.

So, what do you do if you have an end-of-tenancy inspection ahead of you? Reach out to us and take advantage of our professional experience with more than 15 years of end-of-tenancy cleaning to exactly tell you what’s required to be sure that you’ll get your deposit back.

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