Establishing human relationships – How to thrive as a business

When I asked one of my clients to review the quality of my service for him, the reply that followed warmed my heart, “Thank you Gianluca, it was nice to work with you and your team. Great service!” – Luiz Aere.

A simple sentence that made a huge difference for me. In that moment, I felt as fulfilled as usual when an expat who is already stressed out by all he needs to do to change country finds a moment to show sincere gratitude. I feel like I accomplished my mission: make the life of other people easier, more enjoyable and pleasant, contributing to build up nice memories about their stay in Belgium.

My old approach

In more than 15 years devoted to the end-of-tenancy cleaning, I got in touch with so many people that I now feel confident to share my experience and, if you like, a humble piece of advice. Over the years, I honed my approach to people, being more patient, attentive to respond to their needs. So much so that I lost myself in what turned out to be a frantic way to work. I was constantly on my car, going back and forth from one client to another. Replying to every call, demand, way to facilitate their lives pushed me on the brick of a burnout.

Somewhere along the way, my approach went off track. Being kind and patient was getting increasingly difficult. I didn’t know how to set healthy boundaries and establish a real team work with my clients. Bit by bit, my clients became more demanding and uncaring of my efforts to fulfill my mission. I was losing touch with my mission and my job was turning into a very unpleasant activity.

A wind of change

Luckily, last fall I followed my guts when I got to know Alessandro Montalto, who later on will become the marketing and innovation consultant at GMFC. Alessandro is primarily a remote work coach, but he has many more arrows in his quiver. He holds a PhD in neuroscience and he has a keen eye for details, shades of communication, strategy, planning and analyzing data. The combination of his hard shills acquired during his studies in physics and neuroscience and his soft skills that he fine tuned to get a life coach practitioner certification helped me a lot in reshaping my mindset.

After a few months of working with Alessandro, I can see the improvements and the benefits of what I can summarize in establishing excellent human relationships. I realized that healthy relationships have a basis of clear communication and boundaries. Being very clear about the service I offer, the rules to observe to work in harmony with my clients and the procedures I apply to make a house as clean as new (whenever the lack of maintenance didn’t make damages beyond restoration) gave a real boost to GMFC.

Now, even more people than before talk about GMFC as the referee point in Belgium for the end-of-tenancy cleaning. We have even more companies trusting us than before and I can happily say that I enjoy creating a real team work with my clients.

A piece of advice

So, in the end, what I feel like suggesting to you is the following:

  • Get in touch with Alessandro and check with him what you can do to improve your business. The amazing thing is that you don’t need to book any formal assessment session, just send him a message on Telegram, WhatsApp or LinkedIn and he will reply to you as soon as possible.
  • If you are reluctant to work with a marketing and innovation consultant, then try to establish a real team work with your clients as much as you can.

I hope for you that you will soon enough go to work with a smile on your face and the certainty that your next client will be a great team mate.

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